L. F. McManus Company, Inc.
30 Julio Drive, Southgate Suite 487  - Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 01545
E-mail: mcmanus51@verizon.net

Welcome to the L. F. McManus Company, Inc. Web Site.

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Our Mission: To Enhance Growth Opportunities for Individuals and Organizations

            For Individuals:

           Through greater insights into their Strengths, Potential Weaknesses, Interests
           and Values; and how to focus these on personal, organizational and career objectives

            For Organizations:  

            Through greater insights into Who they are; What they Stand For; Where They Are Trying to Go;
            the kind of Organizational Climate they wish to create; and the Strategic Plan they need to have
           in place if they are to realize their objectives

List of Company Services:

1. Strategic Planning

2. Boards of Directors

3. Executive Coaching

4. Career Planning

5. Management Development

6. Management Inventory

7. Executive and Candidate Assessment

8. Establishing Company-Based Selection Programs

9. Self-Perception Personality Checklist & Individual Reports (Clients Only)