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2. Boards of Directors

Corporate Governance:

Corporate governance is taking on increased importance each day as stockholders, employees, the general public and governmental groups are raising questions about how organizations are being run, how they are being managed and how they should be.  The underlying assumption is that if organizations are governed differently they would act more effectively and in fewer controversial ways.

From our readings and various news services we are all aware that there is a considerable amount of antibusiness feeling in a variety of public and private groups in our society.  There are more than a few people who question whether the words of corporate leaders match their deeds in terms of how they deal with investors, employees, customers, and society.  There are also questions raised about the real motivation of corporations and whose interests they are really serving.  

Business organizations have been and are a positive force in our society for they provide the employment opportunities that enable people to attain their own personal objectives, the tax base to enhance government services  and the economic strength for the country to continue to be the democracy we all treasure.  

The L. F. McManus Company, Inc. works with those organizations who are seeking ways to strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of their corporate directors and trustees.  It presents a two-hour seminar for directors that: (1) highlights some of the latest thinking on ways to improve how boards function; (2) increases awareness of critical changes that are impacting the duties and responsibilities of the director; and (3) describes ways for directors to play a more informed and supportive role in contributing to their organization's success.    

Program Topics:

        1. Six Generic Responsibilities of Boards  
        2. Individual Board Member's Responsibilities
        3. The President and The Board of Directors
        4. Traps That Insure Board Ineffectiveness
        5. Legal Matters for Directors
        6. Management Information Systems for Directors
        7. Top Issues for Directors:
Corporate Performance
Strategic Planning
CEO Succession
Corporate Governance
Knowledge of Business
Shareholder Relations
CEO-Board Relations
  8. Board Size - Tenure - Evaluation