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3. Executive Coaching

Importance of Executive Coach Qualifications:

Executive Coaching is one of the fastest growing areas for consulting organizations that many of us have seen in some time.  However, it is interesting to note, that the interest in Executive Coaching seldom involves helping individuals to strengthen and develop their knowledge of their field of specialization or their technical/professional skills.  The major focus of Executive Coaching is in the area of helping individual executives to strengthen their management, leadership, and interpersonal effectiveness.  The professional experience of Executive Coaches also provides the individuals they are consulting with an opportunity to compare their ideas and leadership styles with those of other executives in similar type organizations.  

What is most important in helping senior managers in Executive Coaching is the experience and professional qualifications of the person the organization selects to function in the role of Executive Coach.  There is little doubt that professional qualifications are of significant importance in executive coaching.  However, the professional qualifications of the Executive Coach are of little value, if this person lacks the  kind of organizational and senior management experience needed in order to serve his/her client in an   effective manner.  

For example, the writer was once asked by an individual who had just been selected to function in the role of "Executive Coach" with a financial executive, if the writer would explain to him the difference between the positions of  "treasurer" and "controller" in a manufacturing organization.  It was obvious, that while the professional and educational skills of this coach were very sound, he lacked an understanding of the key responsibilities of individuals functioning in different financial roles in large business organizations.  

Professional Qualifications and Experience of Leo F. McManus  

President and Founder of his own firm the L. F. McManus Company, Inc. since 1972

30 years of consulting experience with large and small organizations in both national and international settings.

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.  Licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts since 1973

Member of the Board of Directors of seven organizations in profit, nonprofit and academic environments.  Has served in such roles as Chairman of the Board, Chairman of the Finance Committee,  Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee, and Chairman of the Salary and Title Committee.

30 years of experience in interviewing and selecting senior management and CEO candidates reporting to both CEOs and Boards of Directors.

30 years of experience conducting seminars for middle and senior level managers in organization planning, management development, conflict resolution, leadership and career planning.

10 years experience as a visiting lecturer on management, leadership, and motivation in university based graduate programs at the masters and doctoral level.   

30 years of experience working with and advising senior management and boards of directors on successful succession planning and organizational change. This experience at senior management levels, has also provided an opportunity to observe the kinds of management techniques and decisions that produce positive results as well as the kinds of errors of "omission" and "commission" that can quickly lead to management problems.  

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a relationship of trust and mutual professional respect between an Executive Coach and a senior level manager or professional specialist.  The objective of this working relationship is to strengthen and enhance the management, interpersonal skills, and leadership effectiveness of the senior level individual.

A successful coaching partnership is a one-on-one interaction between a professional coach and an executive that is supported, where necessary, by other competent professionals.  The Executive Coaching process has agreed upon ground rules, time frames for performance improvement, and specific goals and measures of success.  Its overall focus is on executive development for current and future assignments.

Executive Coaching focuses on leveraging an executive's strengths and assisting him/her on building the key management and leadership competencies that are needed to achieve strategic personal and organizational objectives.  A successful coaching partnership is guided by clearly defined personal and organizational values, experiences in the Executive Coach's background that establish the credibility of the coaching process, and an approach that enhances the welfare of the organization, the executive, and other staff members.

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